Friday, December 19, 2008

The garage saga

So our garage door broke a few weeks ago. Finally got our landlord to do something about it after a stern talking to by Amber. It was a rediculous situation that should have been easily resolved. Out LL was supposed to call them and set up the appt. After almost 2 weeks from the original imspection, she then calls me to ask if I can set up the appt since it needed to be around our schedules. I said that would be fine. So I call and set it for Mon from 3-5. I called the next day to change it because my work schedule changed. So it was then set to Tues 9-11. Come Tues morning, they don't show up. I call again. They forgot to change the time. Ok. Back to 3-5. Good thing I had the day off. Come 3:45, they call me and say they will be there in 20.....come 6, no show. I call again. Now my LL can't be there to pay them anymore so they have to set up another time. I give them my schedule and LL's number. Either tomorrow 9am or after 6. Next day... no show in the morning. I'm driving to work around 1:45 and get a call from them wanting to come do it now. I reminded them of my schedule that I gave them the night before and told them that I couldn't do it till after 6 if not in the morning. I tell them I'll call when off work. I get off early and call them at 3:45 and tell them to come at 4:30. No show. Call once again and tell what happened. They said they will send another crew at 9am next morning. In the mean time my LL bring over their credit card. 8:15 next morning, I get woken up by the doorbell. GRRRRR!!!!! So anywho, the original crew finally shows up and fixes the door. And one guy says something about me being mad at them... I wasn't really. I was more annoyed than anything, but I sure didn't get a reason not to be. So now the garage is fixed. Happy day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I got a job offer from Allenberry Playhouse in PA, but alas it was only an internship. I can't afford to move out there for an internship. I would have loved to have said yes, but I need more than what they offered. I'm currently doing the day work for Christmas Carol for Actors Theatre at the Herberger. It's only a few hours a day, but it's better than a kick in the pants. Good news.... sort of... I hope.... so I talked to a friend the other day and she said that she put in a good word for me at Busch Gardens in VA!!!! I asked her how she new that I applied there because she was living in Ohio and we haven't talked in a really long time. Turns out that they caller her last minute and had her work there from Oct-Nov. They saw that we worked with the same company (shakespeare) and asked her about be. She said that she gave them a rave review!!!!! Holy cow. It's crazy what connections surface in random places. This was the first place that I sent my resume, and it's the one I feel the best about. This is the job that I want. It still scares me to move away from everything I know and love, but putting a time limit on it help. But still, to move cross country it a huge step for me. With everything that has happened lately, I just feel that I need to get out for a while, to take a big leap and break out of my box. I'm usually pretty outgoing, but I'm not the same person I used to be. I need to find that person again. I miss her. Does anyone know where to find her, or willing to help me??? Supermodel surch party anyone?