Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things not to do...

1. Unintentionally work a more than a weeks worth of hours in 3 days. It's not good for sanity sake. But such is tech week. Something bordering 50 hours, give or take.
2. It's also bad to work that much and then not have a day of for 2 weeks. This causes much tension.
Sleeping relieves this tension. Mmmmm sleeeepppp.
3. Not to be too jealous of my 5 friends/family prego at the moment. I couldn't handle it right now anyways.
4. Not to be jealouse of 4 engaged co-workers that are my age. (although I could handle that)
5. Think about a certain ex too much. This causes much depression.
6. Be so hard on myself. Not everyone is going to like me all the time. Just get over it.
7. To understand that I won't always do everything right the first time. Pick yourself up and do it again, just right this time.
So I got a fortune cookie the other day. I taped it up on my desk. I'm going to work on this... "You should be able to undertake and complete anything." I am working on it. I just opened last weekend the biggest show I've done in my life. Probably won't be the last. And not even wanting to do the show. I am still alive and breathing, to my complete suprise. Chin up. Keep muddling through. (That's from Crazy for You) So here's to the new week ahead. Deep breath.


Alicia said...

Oh girl! I love you and secretly everyone does too! Well, most of us aren't secretive about it. Congratulations on you show. You have such talent and skill. You're probably a better drama teacher than I am. But I'm getting better. And you should come see my show. April 3rd. I'll call you with costume questions, for sure. But I love you and miss you. Keep on keeping on. Just remember. Every day you are one day closer to finding the love of your life. Take a breath. Seriously, right now. Take a breath. Let it out. Now you're one second closer. Feels good doesn't it. LOVE YOU!